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CONGRATULATIONS to our top finishers: Risk Rangers (1), Connect the Dots (2) and Sassy Solvers (3)! You all were awesome! And Kudos to all of our teams for your efforts in the hot weather. Hope you had as much fun as we did! Hope to see you all next year!

Final Team standings:

  1. Risk Rangers
  2. Connect the Dots
  3. Sassy Solvers
  4. Oh My Hodge
  5. Team Kaiya
  6. Electric Mayhem
  7. Gnome-ward Bound
  8. Elizabeth Van Lew and the Yankee Spies
  9. Walsh
  10. Dominion Club Golfers
  11. Binders Full of Decoders
  12. Shockoe & Awe
  13. ~ Mighty Brains ~
  14. Phelan Krudys Petty
  15. Northside Mamas
  16. A writing stick, puzzle-solving clique, team BIC
  17. Big Ups!!
  18. The Innovators
  19. McCommodors
  20. North Side Naggins
  21. Goodwill Hunters
  22. Donoroohs
  23. Ntelos 23
  24. Joyce Payne Brings the PAIN!!
  25. Lipo Professionals
  26. Ntelos 1
  27. Big Fun Money
  28. Katherine's Katzenjammers
  29. Big Bird's Brain Trust
  30. Smarter Than We Look
  31. Peter's City Limits
  32. SmartiePants



BIC How to Play

Register your team. NOTE - this year teams can have up to 5 players
Raise funds. The sooner you begin fundraising, the bigger your advantage!
Play optional Virtual Puzzles to gain an early advantage. (coming soon)
Show up on June 1 for the Big Idea Challenge!

On June 1 your team will arrive at the Library of Virginia, where you will receive a map, clues, gadgets to help you solve the puzzles and instructions. Use the map and clues to find the location of the puzzles - then use your brains to solve the puzzles. You will have 2 hours to solve as many of the clues as you can finish. Teams will be scored based on the number of clues they solve and the time they arrive at the finish. Fabulously tacky prizes will be awarded to the top teams!

HINT! You can create a pre-game advantage by fundraising, solving virtual puzzles and visiting our sponsors before June 1.

Want to know more? Click to see our Event FAQs and Rules.

Big Idea Challenge Fundraising

This is a FUN fundraiser, where the more money you raise, the bigger your advantage on June 1. We'll provide all the tools and support you need. And when you raise money, not only will you earn points in the game, you'll qualify for some nifty incentive prizes.


In the weeks leading up to the Big Idea Challenge on June 1, your team will have the chance to complete five online puzzles. They are optional, but completing them correctly will give you an advantage in the Big Idea Challenge, such as a time advantage or a hint. Each puzzle solved earns the team or individual 100 points. Learn more here.

You may need to solve an anagram, de-code a secret message, find a hidden object in a picture, call a phone number, or perform some other task requiring mental agility. You don't have to do the virtual puzzles, but solving these puzzles will give you an advantage on the day of the Big Idea Challenge.

Big Idea Challenge Hints

Hints - even the smartest puzzle solvers need them sometimes. We've got them. You'll be able to collect hints by interacting with our sponsors, by raising money or by following us on social media. Once you've registered, you may see hints in your email box as well, so the sooner you sign up, the more hints you'll see!

If you have questions or need help with registration, donation, becoming a sponsor or volunteer, or any other aspect of the Big Idea Challenge, just reach out:

Email us at or you can call Ami Kim at 804.560.8138.




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Shout Out To Our Friends:

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