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Here are the answers to the puzzles:

  1. PANTHEON - 50 POINTS (hint: find the plaque near the pendulum)
  2. POTOMAC - 50 (hint: find the small train, i.e., "iron horse," near the gift shop)
  3. ATTACHED - 50 (hint: find the laser display, look for Dr. Evil)
  4. BRILLIANT - 50 (hint: decode pig pen cipher, what letters are missing? ask judges for what's missing - UV light reveals the answer)
  5. ROCKEDIT - 50 (hint: find the moon kugel plaque (small kugel outside front door), line up names with corresponding letters to get answer
  6. CYCLOID - 50 (hint: near the gyroscope display, find the plaque)
  7. JOHNGLENN - 50 (hint: find the word "Friendship" - on the space shuttle, then the plaque
  8. ROCKSAMPLES - 50 (hint: in the moon room, read the projections
  9. ALMOSTGOTIT - 50 (hint: in the kids' play area, find the plaque that refers to Jefferson)
  10. THATSTHEONE - 50 (hint: in the science sleuth area, near You're Unique, find the plaque)
  11. WEWILLWINTHIS - 100 (hint: in the basement, find the plaque about the creator of Neptune, choose THEBROADWAY as the vigenere key, dump it into Sharkysoft.com Version 1.0)
  12. VICTORYISOURS - 200 (hint: find the submarine, then the FOR HIRE plaque, then string the words together to solve
  13. LOVEWCVE - 200 (hint: all prior clues must be solved to pull the answer from the numbered letters on the answer sheet)

It gets easier each time you play! Hope we see you next time!!